Ferocious Warmth
with Tracey Ezard


8 May 2024
Rydges Sydney Central
9am - 3.30pm

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A one day workshop to focus on you and your impact as a leader. Reflection, discussion and frameworks aimed to support you in your leadership growth and development.

Balanced Leadership and the Paradox of Yet
This session will explore the concept of Ferocious Warmth leadership and the challenge of staying in balance when leading. Great leadership balances results and relationships, culture and strategy, head and heart. It dances with the paradox of being explicit, yet empowering; co-creating, yet visionary; compassionate, yet challenging the status quo. Ferocious Warmth gives a conceptual framework to assist leaders increase self awareness of their impact. It helps leaders understand both what brings out their best and where their challenges lie in the continual dance of leadership.

The Four Elements of Ferocious Warmth Leadership
Leadership is a way of being before doing. This session will explore the four elements that are present in both individuals and leadership teams who create environments of high challenge, high support, innovation and transformation. Expansive, Connected, Courageous and Authentic. Strength cards and partner work activities form part of this session.

The Expansive Element - Building Learning Intelligence - Professional Learning Cultures That Drive Momentum
This session will explore levels of culture that exist in schools and the drivers for improvement and transformation via the professional culture and the three pillars of Mindset, Environment and Dialogue. All schools will be invited should they wish post conference to take part in the The Buzz diagnostic, which has had over 500 schools and 11000 people undertake it since its release in late 2018.


Ferocious Warmth Strengths Cards for each participant. These cards are highly effective for self-reflection and for discussion with leadership teams or individuals. Participants will use them during the day.

Ferocious Warmth Book and other collatoral for participants to use back in the school context.

Access to The Buzz Diagnostic for Schools post workshop The diagnostic provides an aggregated report on how your staff see the professional learning culture in your school, including their own contribution to this culture.

Tracey Ezard

Tracey is known for her ‘Ferocious Warmth’ leadership approach and professional collaborative culture work. Tracey’s collaborative framework The Buzz, which creates an environment of learning, trust and innovation, is used in education and organisational systems throughout Australia and the UK.

Her Buzz Diagnostic on collaborative cultures has been used by over 500 schools and has had over 11,000 people participate. Tracey has run leadership programs for education and system leaders for over 17 years in all education sectors in Australia and in New Zealand. She also works with education federations in the UK and in Asia.

Tracey is the 2022 recipient of the ACELVic Hedley Beare Educator of the Year award, a National Fellow of the Australian Council of Education Leaders (FACEL) and a Certified Speaking Professional. She was awarded the Professional Speakers Association Breakthrough Speaker of the Year Award in 2023. She has a background in teaching and educational leadership in the Victorian state system, business management and HR in fine dining restaurants and project management in the automotive industry as part of the Teacher Release to Industry Program.

Tracey is an author of three books. In 2021 Tracey launched her third book ‘Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform’. Her previous books, ’Glue - The Stuff that Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work’ is for leaders across all sectors who want to lift beyond convention to create high performing teams, and ‘The Buzz – Creating a Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture’, designed for education leaders to support schools to bring about transformation in education.

Tracey is Board Chair of the social enterprise, The Corner Store Network, which aims to eradicate food poverty issues both in Timor Leste and in Australia. Tracey has been running her own speaking and consulting practice for seventeen years. She has two teenage children, two dogs and when not at work loves spending time exploring the world.