ACEL Mentoring and Coaching is broader in scope and presents over 25 mentors/coaches from different levels and sectors of education.

Leading and Coaching a Culture of Thinking

10th - 11th March 2023


Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne
15th - 16th May 2023



Celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 with ACEL and #Women Ed


This year’s International Women’s Day 2023 (IWD 2023) theme is #EmbraceEquity, one which resonates deeply across the globe. The theme underpins our IWD online event which aims to inspire participants to reflect individually and collectively on the role we play in embracing equity, celebrating diversity, and empowering all genders in our learning organisations and social contexts to create a more inclusive society.

NEW workshop ‘In Conversation with Yong Zhao’


‘In Conversation with Yong Zhao’ is a workshop that takes place in Perth and Brisbane. Yong will discuss the topic of ‘Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Education: leveraging students as owners of their learning’ how students can be self-determined partners in their learning. He will share examples of changes schools could take to make education more meaningful for all students.

NEW webinar series with Viviane Robinson


‘Virtuous Educational Leadership: Doing the Right Work the Right Way’ is an online webinar that is is based on Viviane’s latest book “Virtuous Educational Leadership: Doing the Right Work the Right Way". In this webinar participants will not only understand the nature and importance of virtues but have a clear sense of how to build more virtuous leadership in themselves and their teams.

ACEL National Inclusion and Disability Conference


Our conference theme this year is Together we build, grow and succeed. This is an important opportunity for educators, students, educational leaders, researchers and policy makers to come together to share, to learn and to shape an equitable and inclusive future for all young people in our care.

ACEL President's welcome, Dr Briony Scott


Welcome to ACEL ’23 and a very happy new year to everyone! Whilst tempted to use ChatGPT to construct my welcome, I’m very confident that no ‘bot’ can truly replace the heartfelt acknowledgement needed for the work undertaken by our profession, particularly in recent years. As we begin a new year, I would like to encourage you to be kind to yourself and kind to each other. Whatever ‘noise’ comes down the pipeline in the months ahead, remain focused on the important work that is being undertaken in schools across this country, encourage each other as you work to understand and improve on best practice, and enjoy your own personal learning journey, even as you encourage your students to do likewise. Thank you for all you do, and all the very best for 2023!

NEW Sponsorship Prospectus for Inclusion and Disability Conference is now available


Sponsorship is now open for the ACEL 2023 National Inclusion and Disability Conference. View the sponsorship prospectus to view our platinum, gold and silver packages.

NEW Monograph #62 is now available


ACEL are delighted to present the 62nd edition of our Monograph publication for 2023 titled ‘The William Walker Oration 2022: Inspiring hope through evidence-based pedagogy’ written by Jenny Gore. This edition explores last year’s conference theme ‘Inspiring hope and Leading our Future’ and greatly expands on this topic.

NEW Workshop Event with Ron Ritchhart


'Leading and Coaching a Culture of Thinking' is 2-day workshop is aimed at laying the groundwork for this type of development shift by exploring ways participants might build on and extend the professional learning culture that currently exists at their schools. We will examine tools, frameworks, protocols, and practices that the Worldwide Cultures of Thinking Project has developed to support the development of cultures of thinking at the school-wide level.

NEW Online Program Leadership for Middle Leaders 2023


The program is designed for teachers and middle leaders who are ready to take the next stretch in their leadership. Whether they aspire to a Deputy Principal role or are ready to further develop their skills in their current role, the program provides a closer exploration of the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead and develop others for effective leadership of school communities.

Announcing ACEL’s Mentoring and Coaching Program


ACEL is delighted to launch its new program, “ACEL Mentoring and Coaching.” Previously called, “Elevate,” ACEL Mentoring and Coaching is broader in scope and presents over 25 mentors/coaches from different levels and sectors of education. All of the mentors/coaches in ACEL’s new program are committed professionals who have recently undertaken mentor training to help prepare them to mentor/coach their respective partners (i.e. mentees/coachees).




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